Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puck on... Truth

Does that surprise you?  That people would find truth more frightening than a lie?


As it shouldn’t.  Truth is scary.  Weighty.  Truth demands things of you.  Truth will not be ignored.  You can’t escape truth.  But, oh, how people try.  As previously stated, if you can debunk it, you don’t have to listen.  And so that’s what people do to truth.  They try to make it untrue.  That’s what relativism allows them to do.  Funny.  How willing humans are to dismantle the very foundations of thought and understanding just to escape responsibility.  Like burning down your house rather than clean it.  Then again, someone did once describe it as cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Seems so pointless, doesn’t it?

Yes.  It does.


Don’t “what?” me.  I hear it, though you may not.  That subtle tinge of self-righteousness in your voice.  You think you’re better than them.

I don’t-

Oh come now.  Be honest.  You’re with one who understands.  It’s natural.  It’s quite human.  You see the truth, they don’t.  It’s perfectly normal to feel just a little superior.

I don’t think I’m superior.

Don’t you? 

I don’t.

Maybe not your person but perhaps your position.  After all, shouldn’t the man standing on the mountaintop feel superior to those wandering aimlessly in the valley below? 

I think that’s different.

Is it now?  Oh come, my boy, enough beating around the bush.  You’ve been caught.  It’s all right.  I won’t make you admit it.  I can understand why you would not wish to say it out loud.  After all, once you do you can’t take it back.  And the hypocrisy would most certainly be obvious.

That I’m not superior.

No.  You’re not.  Though not for the reason you’re thinking of.  You think it’s because you are just a lowly sinner in need of grace like them.  That the fact you realize the truth does not make you any better.  That’s the wonderful thing about hypocrisy: it loves to mask itself as humility.  The truth is you’re not superior because you’re not any different than them.

You say you value truth, but you don’t.  The only difference between you and the rest of the world is you bother to say you value it at all.  They don’t.

I don’t value truth?

No, you don’t.  Not as much as you think.  Not nearly as much as you should.  That’s the tough part about maturity.  The higher you go, the sins don’t become easier, they get more cunning.  It’s easy to dupe a fool with simple sins.  If you want to fool the wise, you have to be crafty.  But there are tools for that as well.  Oh, yes, there are indeed.

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