Sunday, February 26, 2012

Puck on... Superiority

What kinds of tools?

I’ve piqued your curiosity, have I?  Careful, you’re teetering on the edge.  That subtle tinge is taking on a distinct flavor.  Perhaps we should hold off on discussing that, lest I inadvertently put a bellows to the fire of your superiority.  I could never forgive myself if I turned you into a full-blown hypocrite.

Oh, come now.  Surely, you have something well picked and defensive in response.

Really?  My boy, it’s no fun, if you don’t play along.  Have I angered you?  I can’t think why you should take offense.  After all, if I’m lying, if I’m mistaken, why should that hurt you?  I am a demon, a born liar.  You shouldn’t give two cents what I think.  The really mature know they are, and don’t need someone to tell them nor take it seriously when someone claims they aren’t.

There really is no reason to be annoyed.  Unless, of course, I’m not mistaken.

Hurts, doesn’t it?  When that bolt find it’s mark, pinning you to the chair.  What will you do I wonder?  Deny it?  Defend yourself?  Try to play the martyr?  Be the hero and take umbrage?

Or will you double down and go for broke?  Oh, how I would love that.  Commit.  Damn the offense!  “You won’t talk to me that way, Mr. Puck.”  Oh, do please insult me.  Call into question my trustworthiness.  Oh, sweet wine is that to my ears.  You claiming superiority to me and feeling vindicated.  Like Christmas morning!

Come on.  What will it be?  Oh, the anticipation is killing me.  How long can you hold out?  I’ve wrestled with men and angels, boy, I assure you, you cannot stare me down.  Out with it.

You said you wanted to hold off on talking about how to fool the wise.

Denial!  The third option!  Oh, so predictable.  Then again, I suppose I didn’t give you much in the way of alternative.  Still I thought you’d be more creative.  Perhaps you’re not as smart as you think you are, or just not as quick on your feet.  But you know what, I’ll play along, for your sake.

Yes, I did want to hold off on that discussion, why do you ask?

Because I think you’re talking about it now.

Oh, my boy.  My sweet, naïve, thick-headed, mule-stubborn, simple-minded boy.

You.  Are.  Catching on.

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