Sunday, February 12, 2012

Puck on... Relativism, pt. 4

So, why?

My boy.  My dear, dear boy.  You have a talent, an absolute talent for asking the question you already know the answer to.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?

Yourself.  What other reason could there be?

Because you want to.  The same reason you do everything else.  Why would people choose self-delusion over truth?  Because they want to.  Why would they claim a belief system that makes no sense, that defies sense itself?  Because they want to.  Why would you follow a path that will only lead to destruction, whose consequences contain nothing good?  Because you want to.

Everything.  All sin, all sorrow, all the self-inflicted pain of your simple lives are summed up here.  You.  Because you want to.

Relativism is the unraveling of the universe.  The death and destruction of all law and order and the rise of chaos.  The reign of Pandemonium.  The antimatter of conscience.  And yet you choose it.  And it is such a thing, indeed it is so ridiculous, that you cannot simply accept it once.  If you did it would undo itself.  The only way to make it work is to constantly accept it to a level where it never actually takes hold but remains a continuous presence.  This is not easy.  Or I should say it shouldn’t be easy, but it seems to come very easy for you.  That’s the thing about you.  You have the ability to make any idea, any truth completely ineffective for you while still holding it enough to make yourself think it is.  If you never truly accept it, fully accept it, then it does nothing.  It is but a veneer.  Just enough of the coloring to make you think it’s working, but it never soaks through.  The great white wash of the universe.  But, oh, the waste beneath.

It requires a lot of effort.  Holding it steady just above your lives.  But it works!  You make it work.  A shield between you and reality.  It might seem pointless.  Why not just be done with it?  Ah, but, what is the alternative?

If you dropped it, let it settle fully into your lives, of course, it would mean the destruction of everything.  Order, life, right and wrong.  Everything is up for grabs with relativism.  That’s what people miss.  Relativists are quite content to convince themselves that there is no real truth higher than “what makes me feel good.”  It seems like such a good idea.  But when you play with fire you soon learn you can’t control it.  It will burn anything that it can.  If there is no truth, then there is nothing that can be true.  And this is fine for guilt and commitment and all those things you would like to be rid of.  But what of inequality, war, murder, death, rape, genocide, pedophilia?  Anything you would call evil or wrong isn’t, because there is no right and therefore no wrong.  You can’t call it wrong!  Can you imagine living in a world like that?  Where the worst thing you can possibly think of is as permissible as the best?  And there is nothing you can call on should the former come to you when you sought the latter.

It’s the old tale.  They asked for relief from what they thought an annoyance only to lose what they really thought valuable.  They call the piper to take what they didn’t want only to realize too late that he’s also taken everything they wanted to keep.

That’s the end of relativism.  It can take you nowhere else.  So, no wonder no one would actually want to let it take full control of their life.

But what of the other option?

Other option?

They could just be rid of it all together.  Why keep up the hypocrisy?

That’s quite simple.  Because that option is even worse.

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