Sunday, July 29, 2012

Puck on... Politics pt. 9


Surprised that I would bring such a subject up? The fact that someone like me would probably says something about how far you all have fallen, doesn’t it?

Yes, ethics. A word, admittedly, that does not often enter the discussion of politics. When it does, though, it’s usually by one side calling another out. Ionic, that you would only broker the concept when you feel someone else needs to follow it.

But what of ethics and politics? Does it enter into the equation at all? Should it?

I should think so.

Yes, you should. But the question beyond “should” is always “does”.  Does it?

Not often.

Yes, but keep in mind, we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about you. And what you have failed to realize is not that ethics and politics rarely run together, but that ethics and politics are mutually exclusive.

I can tell I’ll have to explain. You are in the world, but you are not called to be of it, are you?


And yet, one of the first points we established was that politics was of the world, intrinsically, genetically. So, the question is: do you even belong there?

Here, you would no doubt point out the benefits, the victories, the duties you hold to, which you have been going on about throughout this discussion. But that’s really beside the point. Of course you get something out of it. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t bother. The question of ethics is never what you get but what you do to get it, what you sacrifice to get it. Ends. Means. Why can you never learn this lesson?

Ah, ethics. It’s funny how easily you forget it. Sad, I should say. But really now, did you think there wouldn’t be rules? Requirements? Did you think you could do as you like and damn the consequences?

These are the questions you must answer, my boy. The questions they will ask, because they are watching. As I said from the start: how you conduct yourselves politically is moot, that you conduct yourselves politically is the real clincher. So, why?

I suppose we are not perfect.

True, but that excuse will run out eventually, mark my words. It is even now dwindling. You are not perfect. You have not yet overcome your human nature. You still seek power, control, influence, because your DNA cries for it like mother’s milk. But because of what you claim, you still like to call yourselves blessed, humble and sanctified. But it won’t work. You can’t stand atop the pedestal and still sink to their level. You think you can play the world’s game and still stand in judgment of it?

And this is a game. A grand, glorious, ghastly game. And the only way to win is-

To not play.

You got it. 

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