Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puck on... Politics pt. 8

What do you think of that?

You’re saying separation of church and state was made to protect us?


From what, exactly?

Why, the most powerful enemy imaginable. Yourselves.

So, the temptation of politics is too great.

The temptation for power is. And that’s the real problem. Power corrupts. You are no exception. Though you think you are. It’s the oldest story in the world. Told again and again, though you never listen. You never learn. Though you may start with the best of intentions, it doesn’t matter. It never will. No matter what you do. No matter what you aim for. Because the goal cannot redeem the measures you take to reach it. And if the measures be damned, what then? As long as that kind of power is the means, it will always corrupt the ends.

So, long ago, great men saw salvation in one simple act: self-denial.


Not very… American, is it? That shouldn’t surprise you. It’s not very human after all. That was what you said, wasn’t it? That you had a responsibility, a duty to what?

Make our voices heard.

“Make our voices heard.” Can you hear yourself talk? “Voices heard.”  That’s what you said.  “We have a responsibility to make our voices heard.”  But do you?

Don’t we?

Don’t you? Where are you drawing that particular responsibility from? Where is it written, that you must make sure people are aware of your opinions?

We live in a democratic society. As citizens, it’s our duty to participate. Because if we don’t-

If you don’t, someone else will. If you don’t, someone else will speak for you, will get there before you do, will have what you want. The heart of self-determination. Self. If you don’t speak yourselves, who will? Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and make sure they pay attention to you. Make the world know you exist. Is any of this coming across as terribly mature? But that’s how you comport yourselves. That’s how everyone does. Your democratic society, where the goal is… Self. In all it’s glory. Don’t you see, why you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

Let me ask you this: if your definition of citizenship is making your voice heard then wouldn’t that mean that the goal of citizenship is selfishness? Ah, but this is a democratic society, where the people decide. Where the people decide how they are governed. But then again, if the people knew how they ought to be governed, then would they need government? So, what are we to make of democracy?

I’m not sure there’s anything we can make of it.

Giving up hope so soon?

No. I don’t argue with what you say about democracy. Maybe that’s why they say it’s the worse until you look at all the other options.

True! So, true. After all, if it involves people how high can our standards really be, hmm? But let’s not let that be an excuse. For you are called to higher things, are you not? You are called to be higher. To rise above the mundane, to the divine. The question still remains: what are you to do? Given the world you live in, the country, the state of the union, what are you to do? How now shall you live?

And here, as so often is the case, you miss the answer right in front of your nose. Oh, sweet, sad irony. That of all the things you forget that you should forget this one lesson.

What’s that?


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