Sunday, May 27, 2012

Puck on... Politics pt. 1

I must admit I have wanted to discuss this topic with you for some time, but something told me you weren’t quite ready for it.


I didn’t think you were quite ready to accept what I had to say.  I dare say it might come as something of a shock.

I wouldn’t think you would care about what shocked me.

True, very true.  But I do so hate to repeat myself.  And I would prefer you were in a more, shall we say, “receptive” position.  More ready to accept what you really ought to.

What changed your mind?

When are you ever “ready” for anything?

Nevertheless, we soldier on.  I do hope you can keep up.

I’ll try.

Good boy.  Now, politics.  That delicious little topic.  I doubt it surprises you to find that I’m involved in that.

Not at all.

Do I detect a hint of bitterness there?  Nevermind.  That should come as no shock whatsoever.  But we are not here to discuss how I and my kind act politically, but how you do.


You and your kind.  Because that’s where the really thorn of the issue lies.  Oh, we can talk about laws and parties and scandal and corruption and its all well within my field, no argument there.  But what about you.  Are you so removed from all that?

Is this about governmental politics or church politics?

All in good time, child.  Let’s start with the obvious.  You count yourselves very lucky to live where you do, in a nation that allows you some semblance of participation, of citizenship.  If you lived in a monarchy we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Of course, there would be a lot of other fun things to talk about, like beheadings.  But no, democracy, (or republicanism I suppose, but it’s all just words), that’s the name of the game.  Now, we could talk about how little you exercise this ability, but that’s really beside the point.  This is a government by the people as much as it is for it.  You have control.  But the question is how do you use that control?  Not just the citizenry a large, but your kind.

It is very important how we conduct ourselves politically.

Yes, it is.  Only you’re missing an important point.  How you conduct yourselves politically reflects heavily on you.  The fact that you conduct yourselves politically at all reflects even more.

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