Sunday, May 13, 2012

Puck on... Options


Who told you there were only two options?

What do you mean?  Of course there are only two, you can only accept or reject it.

Says who?


Accept or reject?  How terribly one-dimensional.  Why should you be limited to wholesale acceptance or rejection?  You can reject partially, accept under certain circumstances, refute all except the smallest piece of truth.  There are any number of options besides the extremities.

So, where would you have gotten the idea that acceptance or rejection was it?


Right.  Me.  Careful where you take your cues.  Or have you forgotten what I am?

Funny, all this time and you still haven’t answered that question.

What question?

Whether or not anything I say can be trusted.

Can it?

What makes you think I can tell you?

I don’t suppose you can.  After all, lies are supposed to be your native tongue, right?

Oh, yes.  That is what they say.  And I can’t say it’s altogether inaccurate.  Lies are, in a way, our language.  It makes us very dangerous.  Unfortunately, for you, what I have to say makes me much more dangerous even that that.


Because I tell the truth.

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