Sunday, April 15, 2012

Puck on... Salvation

Well, go on.  It seems so rare that you have something to put forward.  I’d hate to stifle you. 

We do have the right to die.


But not physically.  At least not only physically.

Whatever do you mean?

You said a right was something that we could exercise at the proper time and in the proper way.  That we can choose to die.

You can choose to accept your death.

No.  I mean we can choose to die.


No.  Not physically.  Spiritually.

I think I see where you’re going.


I wondered if you were ever going to catch on. You’re saying that you have the right to lay down your life.  To choose to surrender it.  To some higher power, I take it?


And that the right to die is in fact a right, as I said, though not in its inevitability but in the fact that every human is given the choice to do it or not.


And you call this “salvation.”


Bravo, my boy.  You’ve managed to unearth a bit of spiritual truth from our conversations.  You ought to be proud of yourself.  So, what does this mean?

I’m not sure I understand the question.

Hmm, had the answer for all of five minutes and still needs to be led by the hand.  What does this mean?  What are the implications?

I don’t know.  I mean, that’s what salvation is: our choice to give ourselves over.

To something beyond yourself.


You make it sound so simple.

I guess so.

Yet how many do, one should wonder?  How very many don’t.  What are we to make of that?

It’s truth, but sometimes people don’t want truth.

Precisely.  Sometimes people don’t want truth.  But what else are they given?  What other alternative do they have?  If they don’t want truth, what do they want?

Options?  Choices?  Themselves?

No, my boy.  Lies.  People want lies.

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