Sunday, April 29, 2012

Puck on... Acceptance

You own us?

Does that surprise you?

Yes, actually.

You think I’m lying.

I can’t say.  Just…

That you wish it wasn’t true, but you suspect it might be.

Something like that.

Well, can it be we found a truth you are not willing to accept?  I’m curious.  Will you try to argue out of this one?  Try to find some hole in my reasoning such that I must not be correct.  Because I must not be.  That would be, just, unthinkable.  To not own yourself is one thing, to find that you are actually under the ownership of someone like me, something like me, that’s something else entirely.

It does bring up an interesting point.  We’ve been talking, or I have at least, about how people do not like to accept truth.  You, of course, while recognizing the factuality of that statement, have been the champion of the opposite vein: that people ought to accept truth, no matter what.  And yet, here we are, at the testing point for that belief.

What will you do?  Accept the truth of my statement?  Reject it?  Try to debate whether or not it’s truth at all?  Perhaps you’ll do me proud and debate the very concept of ownership.  Oh, that would be fun.

You must forgive… Sorry, had something in my throat there.  As I was saying, you must pardon my teasing.  You actually have uncovered the real truth behind my original assertion.

People don’t want truth.  Truth is cumbersome.  Truth is difficult.  Truth is unseemly.  It asks things of you.  No, people don’t want truth.  Does it immediately follow then that they want lies?  But, of course.  People want lies.  But why, you might say?  Because they reject truth.

People want lies because people don’t want truth.  And if you reject truth, what other options are there?  There are only two sides to the coin.  There are a limited number of choices in a true-or-false statement.  You may prefer multiple choice, but that is not what you are given.

And make no mistake: this is a test.  And it is pass/fail.  So, what’s you’re answer?

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