Sunday, March 25, 2012

Puck on... Rights, pt. 2

Now, why do you suppose people prattle on so much about rights, given that they don’t really have any?

Some people think they do.

Which is one way to say…

The want to think they do.

Ah, yes, it all comes back to desire.  You want rights.  Something to call on when the universe just won’t play by the rules.  The fact that you don’t have any claim to them is inconsequential.  You want them.  So, in the absence of their existence, you simply create some.  Out of thin air.  Call them rights and declare that you have some claim to privilege.  Oh, you funny, funny humans.

And here we again see your hypocrisy.  Truth is relative.  There are no absolutes.  Except, of course, for these.

Come now.  Will you not even play by your own rules?

So, do we have any rights?

Why should you think I would know?

You said you were a student of human nature.

I did.  That I did.  But be careful, my boy, who you ask certain questions.  Remember what I am.

Are you saying I can’t trust your answers?

Oh, you can, certainly.  Absolutely.  But how will you feel if you find answers in the things I say?  What will your “readers” think of you, should you find truth from the mouth of a devil?

I don’t know how to answer that.

Very well then.  To answer your original question.  What rights do I think you have?  I would have to say one.

I would expect you to say none.

Yes, you might.  But you do actually have one.  And you might find those clichéd expressions are not too far off the mark.  You think you have a right to life.  You don’t.  But you do have a right to something very similar.

What’s that?

You have a right to die.

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